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Florian Gschwandtner



Florian Gschwandtner co-founded the company Runtastic at the age of 26 and worked as CEO until 2019. After his second Masters degree and a few months as a "regular employee," he decided to go in a new direction and start his own business. At this point, it is easy to say that this decision, which carried a great deal of opportunity and risk, was the right decision.

Florian is nationally and internationally known for his engagement in the start-up scene and can often be seen at industry events, conferences, and expos as a keynote speaker. He loves to interact with the crowd and share his enthusiasm for fitness!

In addition to that Florian co-founded Tractive - world market leader in GPS tracking for Cats & Dogs in 2012. In his latest project, Florian co-founded the leadership company - leaders21

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Man of the year 2015
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Media Future Award
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Winner Upper Austria Lifeaward 
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